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Over the past 18+ years, Credit SPOON has created a unique approach to “Credit Education & Financial Literacy.” The Credit Spoon seminars and workshops provide individuals and organizations with the tools to manage their personal finances –which include Housing, choosing—and paying for— a college, buying a car and improving your credit score; the workshops and seminars also include a step-by-step guide for achieving many of the financial goals we hold dear.

Workshop participants enjoy a comprehensive program that tackles the most common personal finance challenges, with easily digestible solutions.

This course will provide the foundation necessary to secure long-term financial stability and security. We will focus on the most common personal finance pitfalls, provide easily digestible materials, paired with a simplified road map that will guide you towards financial success.
Course Overview:
  • Consumerism – Challenging Societal Norms; Shifting Financial Priorities; The Wealth Formula
  • Budgeting – Taking Inventory and Connecting Credit
  • Credit Education – Components of Your Credit Score; Impact of your Credit Score; Multi-Phased Approach to Improve your Credit Score; Increasing Discretionary Funds
  • Housing – Loan Types; Understanding Prime; House Hack; Strategic Payment of Mortgage
  • Colleges/Universities – College Choice; Financial Aid; Streamlined Grant/Scholarship Search; How to Graduate with a 4-Year Degree in 1-Year
  • Transportation – How can a car sap you of your wealth, By The Numbers!! Allowable Percent of Gross Income; Buying Smart
  • Credit Card Debt – Debt Snowball vs. Debt Avalanche; Strategic Installment Payments; Understanding how Credit Card Interest Compounds