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What is MakingABrand?

Formally launched in 2021, MakingABrand aims to elevate the growing world of specialized educational portals to the next level with a dynamic and affordable mix of holistic, progressive, and interactive courses and tools. Designed to prepare future entrepreneurs, marketers, and creatives entirely for the ever-changing realities of the industry, MakingABrand’s lessons, activities, resources, and written content will serve as a guide to help focus and sharpen our students’ financial and artistic visions. The world needs a new generation of creative champions, and here’s how we’ll develop the.

Our cultural community includes top professionals from various industries. The likes of Tony Shellman, Peter Paul, and Maurice Malone share their knowledge of branding. Constant mistakes are made when young creators venture out on their own costing them tremendous financial deficits and a lack of success. Our coursing provides shared knowledge from subject matter experts who will walk you through your project step by step and help you get your project funded so that your project not only becomes a dream but a reality.

How can you have a teacher unless they are sent? MakingABrand is here for you to learn the ins and outs of product development, brand development, and the overall important aspects of building a successful creative business.

Tony Shellman