Making A Brand meets the “Prince of Fashion”: Mike B. talks about his journey to the top & building the image of the greats

Making A Brand creator Marc Esannason recently sat down with the legendary fashion stylist Mike B!. to chat about his new brand BOGARD, the legacy of Virgil Abloh and Off-White, his work as a co-creative direction for iconic streetwear brands, and the evolution of street style.

Mike B! Discusses the evolution of streetwear from the 1980s to the present. He reminisces on how he would have to go to the Gucci store in Atlantic City to purchase clothes because the Gucci store in Manhattan would not sell their clothes to young Black adults. The interview gives a descriptive perspective on the contribution we made to the history of streetwear.

Watch the entire conversation with Mike & Marc (plus special guest Tony Shellman) below, and don’t forget to share and tell us what you think! 

To find more information about BOGARD, click the link: