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Welcome to "Fashion 101" with Maurice Malone, where we delve into the dynamic world of fashion design through the lens of one of the pioneers of streetwear. This online course is not just about creating garments; it's about understanding the cultural and artistic influences that shape the fashion landscape. What sets this course apart from other online courses is that each student has the opportunity to have a one-on-one mentoring session with Maurice Malone upon completion of the course.

Maurice Malone's journey as a designer began in the vibrant streets of Detroit, where he established the iconic Hip-Hop Shop, a hub for fashion, music, and culture. Now, he brings his wealth of experience and expertise directly to you, guiding you through the essential elements of fashion design.

In this course, you'll learn to draw inspiration from diverse sources, from the pulsating rhythms of hip-hop to the raw energy of urban life. We'll explore the significance of customer profiles, understanding the needs and desires of your audience to create designs that resonate deeply.

But "Fashion 101" goes beyond theoretical knowledge. Maurice Malone will impart practical skills honed through years of hands-on experience. You'll discover how to communicate a distinct brand identity, infusing your creations with authenticity and character.

Central to this course is the transformation of your visionary concepts into tangible designs. Through step-by-step guidance and insightful feedback, you'll learn the techniques needed to bring your ideas to life, from sketch to stitch.

Whether you're an aspiring designer or a seasoned enthusiast, "Fashion 101" offers a comprehensive foundation for your creative journey. Join Maurice Malone as we embark on a transformative exploration of fashion design, where innovation meets tradition, and individuality reigns supreme.


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Denim and fashion designer Maurice Malone's Fashion 101 course on the Making a Brand online education website


  • Learn to transform creative ideas into tangible designs.
  • Discover techniques for drawing inspiration from various sources.
  • Master the art of developing detailed customer profiles.
  • Develop and communicate a unique brand identity.
  • And more…

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Lesson 1: Understanding Streetwear and Fashion

"Unleashing Streetwear: Beyond Clothing to Cultural Expression" delves into Streetwear's roots in urban culture, highlighting its unique blend of skateboarding, hip-hop, and graffiti influences. It guides learners in creating a Streetwear brand that captures these diverse cultural elements and personal expression.

Lesson 2: Crafting Your Brand Identity and Identifying Your Tribe

"Identifying Your Streetwear Tribe" teaches how to understand and cater to your Streetwear audience, focusing on aligning your designs and brand identity with their cultural and lifestyle preferences. The lesson emphasizes the importance of community building and authentic brand messaging in the Streetwear industry.

Lesson 3: Urban Inspiration- “Concrete Jungle Creativity: Drawing Urban Inspiration for Your Streetwear Brand”

This lesson, "Concrete Jungle Creativity," guides learners in harnessing urban landscapes and subcultures to inspire unique Streetwear designs. It emphasizes using local street art, architecture, and community stories to create authentic, culturally-rich fashion identities.

Lesson 4: Introduction to Brand Storytelling in Streetwear

This lesson focuses on the importance of brand storytelling and visual identity in Streetwear. It teaches how to craft a compelling brand narrative and create a distinctive visual style with logos and color schemes, emphasizing their role in connecting with audiences and embodying the Streetwear culture.

Lesson 5: Introduction to Logo Creation: “Crafting Your Brand Mark”

"Crafting Your Brand Mark" is a step-by-step guide to logo creation, focusing on translating inspiration from mood boards into sketches and digital designs. This lesson emphasizes the significance of a logo in representing a brand's identity and teaches how to refine these designs to resonate with the target audience effectively.

Lesson 6: Exploring Different Types of Streetwear

"Exploring Diverse Types of Streetwear" examines the various styles within Streetwear, from workwear and denim to techwear and athleisure. This lesson highlights the unique influences and expressions of each style, encouraging learners to identify and analyze these distinct categories through a classification activity, deepening their understanding of Streetwear's eclectic nature.

Lesson 7: Creating Your Signature Design

"Crafting Your Signature Look" focuses on creating a unique visual identity for Streetwear designs. It involves refining mood board elements, incorporating construction cues, and experimenting with styles to develop a distinctive and cohesive brand aesthetic, known as a "signature look" or "501 design." This process helps establish a recognizable identity within the Streetwear landscape.

Lesson 8: “From Thumbnails to Vector Flats: Unveiling the Fashion Design Journey”

This lesson guides learners through the fashion design process, from initial thumbnail sketches to creating detailed fashion sketches and ultimately precise vector flats. It emphasizes the importance of each step in refining design concepts and transforming them into professional digital illustrations.

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Mentees Success

Mentee Sam Fish started his project with the name LEAVE. After mentoring Sam through the Cultivators curriculum, Sam took Roland Felix’s, a mentor, advice and named his project EXIT INTERVIEW. Sam also obtained the knowledge on how to develop his line using PLM software supported by Backbone PLM.
Photo of Giovanna Santiago and her line Salut
Salut by Giovanna Santiago was a project that was selected by the mentors due to her project having a non-traditional approach to streetwear. The mentors took her project from “concept to closet” with the advice of our cultivating fashion expert Peter Paul Scott.



A Fashion 101 course offering an all-encompassing journey through the fashion industry, from foundational design concepts and brand development to mastering marketing, sales strategies, and effective distribution in the fashion world with Maurice Malone.