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The "Voice Over Essentials" course, presented by Philip Galinsky, is a comprehensive guide designed to equip aspiring voice actors with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the industry. Spanning more than ten lessons, the course covers a wide range of topics essential for a career in voice acting.

Throughout the course, Philip combines practical demonstrations with in-depth discussions, offering students a blend of theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience. This approach ensures that participants not only understand the fundamentals of voice acting but also learn how to apply these skills in real-world situations, from auditioning and recording to creating a personal brand in the voice acting industry. At the end of the course every student will receive a FREE 30 Min one-on-one consultation with Philip to share their VO demo work for evaluation, or simply to ask questions. He will also provide invaluable insider insights on how to get professional work in the industry.


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  • Voice Acting Basics: Interpretation and pacing techniques.
  • Performance Enhancement: Visualization, physicalization, and verbalization skills.
  • Auditioning Skills: Remote audition tips and demo reel creation.
  • Industry Protocols: Best practices for audition submissions.
  • Home Studio Setup: Guidelines for creating a cost-effective studio.

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Lesson 1: Finding Your Inner Voice and Slowing Down

Lesson 1 lays a strong foundation for aspiring voice actors by focusing on individuality in interpretation and the importance of pacing in delivery. Through examples from his own career and interactive exercises, Galinsky guides students on beginning their journey in voice acting with confidence and skill.

Lesson 2: Mastering Visualization in Voice Acting

Lesson 2 builds on the foundational skills of voice acting by introducing visualization as a key technique. By imagining the script's scenario vividly, voice actors can add depth and interest to their performances, making them more effective and engaging. This lesson equips students with the skills to create compelling narratives in their mind, enhancing their ability to connect with and captivate the audience.

Lesson 3: Embracing Physicalization in Voice Acting

Lesson 3 focuses on the importance of physical movement in voice acting. By incorporating gestures and body language, voice actors can enhance their performance, making it more dynamic and expressive. This lesson provides students with techniques to connect more deeply with the script and deliver a more engaging and lifelike performance.

Lesson 4: Perfecting Verbalization in Voice Acting

Lesson 4 ties together all the foundational skills of voice acting into the art of verbalization. Galinsky's guidance helps students to understand the nuances of script delivery, ensuring they can convey their unique voice and style confidently and effectively in their performances.

Lesson 5: Understanding Advertising Strategies in Voice Acting

Lesson 5 offers valuable insights into the advertising strategies behind commercial scripts. By understanding these strategies, voice actors can tailor their performances to meet the specific needs of the advertisement, thereby enhancing their effectiveness and appeal. This lesson equips students with the knowledge to interpret and execute scripts in a way that aligns with the advertiser's objectives.

Lesson 6: Mastering Self-Directing for Remote Auditions

Lesson 6 provides valuable insights into the self-directing process for remote voice acting auditions. Galinsky's guidance on evaluating one's performances, understanding personal strengths and weaknesses, and effectively managing audition time equips students with the skills to succeed in the evolving landscape of voice acting. This lesson underscores the importance of self-awareness, practice, and trust in one's abilities to thrive in the competitive world of voice acting.

Lesson 7: Special Audition Techniques for Remote Voice Acting

Lesson 7 provides valuable strategies for auditioning remotely for different types of voice acting scripts. Understanding how to sound genuinely natural in testimonials and effectively engage in partnered reads without a physical partner are essential skills in the current voice acting landscape. This lesson equips students with the techniques to navigate these challenges, ensuring they can deliver compelling, authentic performances even in a remote setting.

Lesson 8: The 8 Commandments of Audition Protocol in Voice Acting

In the eighth lesson of the Voice Over Essentials course, Philip Galinsky presents what he calls the "8 Commandments of Audition Protocol," essential guidelines for voice actors, especially in the context of remote auditioning and the submission process.

Lesson 9: Creating Effective Demo Reels for Voice Acting

Lesson 9 provides comprehensive advice on crafting an effective demo reel for voice acting. By following these do’s and don’ts, voice actors can create a powerful tool that showcases their talents and aligns with the needs of the industry, increasing their chances of securing work.

Lesson 10: Setting Up an Economical Home Studio for Voice Acting

Lesson 10 provides comprehensive guidance on creating an effective home studio for voice acting. By focusing on essential equipment, soundproofing techniques, and understanding the technical aspects of recording, voice actors can set up an economical yet professional home studio, enhancing their ability to work remotely with high-quality results.

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Mentees Success

Mentee Sam Fish started his project with the name LEAVE. After mentoring Sam through the Cultivators curriculum, Sam took Roland Felix’s, a mentor, advice and named his project EXIT INTERVIEW. Sam also obtained the knowledge on how to develop his line using PLM software supported by Backbone PLM.
Photo of Giovanna Santiago and her line Salut
Salut by Giovanna Santiago was a project that was selected by the mentors due to her project having a non-traditional approach to streetwear. The mentors took her project from “concept to closet” with the advice of our cultivating fashion expert Peter Paul Scott.



Unleash your voice acting potential with expert techniques and practical insights in our comprehensive Voice Over Essentials course.