LeekyDaBikeStar exhibits Street Motorcross on America’s Got Talent Extreme

Being part of the BikeLife culture since he was 8 years old, LeekyDaBikeStar has had a passion to create a sport out of his death-defying tricks and stunts on his dirt bike while he bobs and weaves through traffic in New York City streets. Gaining national exposure through his episode on Vice media’s segment on the motorsport culture Street Gods, Leeky has been approached by many television networks to perform on their tv shows. One of which is America’s Got Talent Extreme. His act amazed the all-star judges Simon Cowell, Nikki Bella, and Travis Pastrana. The host, Terry Crews, said this is the new Hip Hop! Asked what he would do with the prize money if he won, Leeky responded by saying he would open a track for younger people to ride in a sanctioned area so it would take them off of the streets since it’s dangerous. He would also use the track as a venue for competitions like they have for skateboarders. Leeky doesn’t appreciate how the culture is depicted in the news and in the media. He feels the culture is portrayed negatively on purpose so that law enforcement can take away the young culture’s passion and leave them with nothing else to do but to result in a life of crime. Street Gods producer, Marc Esannason, and Leeky continue to work together to promote competitive motorsport events that will include Street Motorcross. Look out for an event in a city near you.