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A La Fresca x Maurice Malone: Pioneering Film Production Mentorship in NYC

Video production company A La Fresca's Interview and working with designer Maurice Malone. From left to right, pictured in the photo: Carlyle Hanson, Vinny Anand, Ronald Austin Jr., and Maurice Malone.

In the bustling urban landscape of New York City, A La Fresca, a unique video and film production company, is making a significant impact. Founded by Vinny Anand and Ron Austin Jr., this company has embarked on a mission to transform the lives of inner-city kids through the art of storytelling and film, specifically in producing commercials for high-end clients.

Among their standout projects is a collaboration with celebrated fashion designer Maurice Malone. This endeavor is not just about showcasing Malone’s creative prowess but also about reflecting A La Fresca’s commitment to elevating diverse voices in filmmaking and digital storytelling.

From the outset, A La Fresca made a conscious decision to involve youth from the inner city in every stage of the project. Recognizing the untapped potential within these communities, the company aims to break down barriers and provide a platform for aspiring filmmakers and creators.

The company strategically involved inner-city youth in all aspects of this project, tapping into the potential of these communities. The aim was to dismantle barriers and offer a platform for budding filmmakers and creators. The result? A short story, available on A La Fresca’s YouTube channel, serves as both a tribute to Malone’s fashion legacy and a coming-of-age journey for the young crew involved. Under A La Fresca’s mentorship, these novices gained practical skills in cinematography, production, and storytelling, contributing to a project that seamlessly wove together the expertise of seasoned professionals with new, vibrant perspectives.

Beyond the film set, A La Fresca opened networking doors for these youths, connecting them with industry figures and offering them a glimpse into a world that might have previously seemed out of reach. The collaboration with Maurice Malone, a renowned black designer, was particularly inspiring for the inner-city kids, fueling their passion for creativity and the realm of possibilities.

Ultimately, this project transcended its initial purpose, morphing into a symbol of empowerment and a voice for the often unheard. A La Fresca’s partnership with Maurice Malone stands as a testament to the limitless potential that mentorship and opportunity can unlock for the next generation of creative minds.