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Tech Packing

A Tech Pack, short for technical package, is a document used by apparel manufacturers to understand the design details, construction methods, and garment specifications of apparel products. A well-made Tech Pack will communicate all the information a manufacturer needs to know in order to produce a garment that meets the designer’s vision. apparel designers use Tech Packs to specify everything from the type of fabric to be used to the construction details of a garment. For example, a Tech Pack for a t-shirt might include information on the width of the neck opening, the length of the sleeves, and the placement of any logos or other embellishments. By providing clear and detailed instructions, Tech Packs help ensure that garments are made according to the designer’s specifications. In this course, you will learn how to create your own Tech Packs so that you can communicate your design vision clearly and concisely to manufacturers. Through a combination of lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on exercises, you will develop the skills and knowledge necessary to create high-quality Tech Packs that will help bring your garments to life. Enroll today and take your first step towards becoming a fashion tech expert!