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Fashion and denim designer Maurice Malone wearing a Detroit Tigers hat.


For nearly four decades, Maurice Malone has been an influential figure in the global fashion industry, consistently pushing the boundaries of design, mentorship, and entrepreneurship. Known for his pioneering work in denim and his transformative influence on the urban hip-hop fashion movement of the 1990s, Maurice’s multifaceted career offers invaluable insights and guidance for budding designers and entrepreneurs.

Launching his entrepreneurial journey in Detroit at the age of 19, Maurice quickly captured the attention of the fashion world with his unique fusion of metal and denim. His creative versatility and business acumen allowed him to create The U.N. (Underground Nation), a multifunctional space that served as a late-night club and business studio. His knack for crafting distinctive, resonating experiences makes Maurice a resourceful mentor with a wide range of experiences to share.

Maurice’s move to New York City in 1989 led him to immerse himself in the local hip-hop scene, a cultural shift that would later shape his brand identity. Upon his return to Detroit, Maurice ignited the city’s golden era of hip-hop in the 1990s, using open-mic rap parties and the legendary Hip Hop Shop not just as business ventures but as platforms to promote and market his fashion line. His ability to intertwine culture and fashion makes Maurice a guide capable of teaching you how to tap into cultural trends and turn them into marketable assets.

In the mid-90s, Maurice challenged conventional fashion narratives by transitioning from streetwear to tailored apparel. His innovative approach earned him a nomination for the CFDA’s Perry Ellis Award for New Designer of the Year, marking him as the first designer from hip-hop culture to successfully penetrate the designer fashion market. As your instructor, Maurice will share insights from his groundbreaking career shift, equipping you with the strategies needed to redefine and navigate your fashion journey.

In partnership with a denim factory in China, Maurice revolutionized denim production, devising a unique method for creating realistic aged denim washes now employed globally. His expertise in denim and innovation makes him a highly sought-after instructor for those aiming to master denim design.

Despite facing setbacks in the early 2000s, Maurice demonstrated remarkable resilience, launching the Williamsburg Garment Company (WGC) in 2011. From its inception as a one-man operation, WGC has grown into a well-respected American-made denim brand and the leading denim alterations specialist in the USA, achieving international success. Maurice’s course will arm you with the tools, strategies, and mindset to overcome obstacles and build a successful brand from scratch.

Maurice Malone isn’t just a fashion pioneer, he’s also a committed mentor who has guided many of his interns and assistant designers to launch their own successful brands. His lifelong commitment to fostering new talent and innovation makes him an exceptional instructor, ready to equip you with the knowledge and skills to make your mark in the fashion industry.