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Talk with Industry Expert – Sharifa Murdock

Photo of Sharifa Murdock

Sharifa has always had a passion for fashion. Being a black girl from New York, having style was a requirement. She prioritized her fashion like it was her job, and, eventually, it became her job. She began her work in fashion at one of the most in-the-know stores in New York– the Atrium. During her time here, she would meet a man who would grow to become her mentor and business partner. Eventually, this mentor convinced Sharifa to start a trade show with him, and, from there, Sharifa began to work on her 1st trade-in 2003– PROJECT. This was an immense success; however, it wasn’t enough. So her mentor asked her to start another trade show with him; however, this time she was to be his partner instead of his employee. From that point, Sharifa and her mentor Sam started Liberty Fairs Tradeshow. This trade show was hailed for being revolutionary, and it was deceived as something that shifted the industry itself. In addition to these shows, Mrs. Murdock also took the time to create her own personal organization to give back to the community. She created ENVSN Fest for the expressed purpose of uplifting young girls so that they can realize their true potential; ultimately, giving them the mentorship that she received as she was coming up. 

Sharifa has not only handled her business, but she has made it a point to give back. She believes that the primary goal of the fashion businesses that she has been a part of was never profit, but rather the elevation of those who make the culture. She has always worked so that the people who deserve the notoriety and attention get it. Whether it’s the community or the various unknown designers, she has labored in order to ensure that their business doesn’t just work to promote clothing, but rather that they promote clothing that elevates and emphasizes the culture. “Know the knowledge. Know the history.” In order to truly pay homage, we must know who we need to pay homage to, and Sharifa makes sure we know.