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Bronx parks get a new skate park design by Tyshawn Jones and the support of Tony Hawk’s Foundation

Tyshawn Jones sitting in a skatepark

Two deteriorating skate parks in the Bronx are set for a major transformation into state-of-the-art skateboard venues to boost the sport in the borough. City officials and local skateboard advocates are spearheading this initiative, including the construction of a new skate park at Soundview Park to replace an old roller rink, and a renovation of the Allerton Skate Park in Bronx Park. The effort is supported by Mayor Eric Adams, NYC Parks, NYCEDC, local council members, and the non-profit organization The Skatepark Project.

The total cost of these projects remains unannounced as the designs are still in progress, and the completion dates are yet to be determined. Officials and advocates are committed to involving the community in the planning process to ensure the new parks meet local needs.

Benjamin Bashein, executive director of The Skatepark Project, emphasized their commitment to equipping underserved communities with quality skate parks and pledged to engage with the community throughout the development process.

Tyshawn Jones Supreme Influencer

The planned 15,000-square-foot skate park at Soundview Park will replace a damaged asphalt rink. Designed by professional skateboarder and Supreme influencer Tyshawn Jones, a local who grew up near Soundview Park, the project will feature custom poured-in-place elements and spectator seating. The funding and support are led by Mayor Adams’ office, Council Member Amanda Farías, and the Tony Hawk’s Foundation who has allocated $1.5 million toward the project. Farías, a Soundview native and former skateboarder, highlighted the benefits of skate parks in building healthy communities and providing young people with opportunities for exercise, outdoor activity, and self-esteem.

The second project involves a complete overhaul of the Allerton Skate Park, which will be renamed Bronx Skatepark. This concrete-poured park will feature new ramps, pipes, pyramids, and rails, designed to improve accessibility, capacity, and functionality. The Manny Santiago Foundation, co-founded by skating enthusiast Bert Correa, is involved in the design, aiming to minimize graffiti and focus on community art.

Tony Hawk teaching young Black skateboarders

Correa, who grew up in the Bronx and has advocated for the local skateboarding community, sees this project as a significant investment in the borough’s youth. He emphasized the need for improved facilities to help local skateboarders hone their skills and potentially make a living from their sport.

The funding and support for the Bronx Skatepark are backed by Mayor Adams’ office and council members Oswald Feliz, Eric Dinowitz, and Kevin Riley. Borough President Vanessa Gibson expressed excitement about the new skate parks and their potential to provide recreational opportunities for the community.

Bashein believes these projects will draw visitors to the Bronx and boost the local economy. He sees skateboarding as a life-changing sport that empowers young people and fosters community participation, and is thrilled to be part of revitalizing skate culture in the Bronx.

Brooklyn is also set to receive two new skate parks in the next three years, located in Mt. Prospect Park and Crown Heights. According to The Skatepark Project, skate parks not only promote the sport but also become community gathering places, providing lasting benefits to the neighborhoods they serve.