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Celebrating Excellence: Maurice Malone Receives The Diaspora Award in Detroit

The invite for May 28, 2023 Detroit Diaspora 5, features fashion designer Maurice Malone, filmmakers Kristian Hill and Jennifer Washington, artist Shirley Woodson Reid, Dell Pryor’s gallerist, and entrepreneur and DJ Bruce Bailey.

On May 28, 2023, the city of Detroit buzzed with excitement. Acclaimed fashion designer Maurice Malone was honored with the Detroit Diaspora Award. With a career that’s spanned decades and has left an indelible mark on the fashion landscape, Malone’s recognition was more than well-deserved. We look back on this event, which spotlighted the significance of such a prestigious award, and retrace the footsteps of Maurice Malone, a true visionary in the world of fashion.

Famous Detroiters and former coworkers at The Hip Hop Shop, fashion designer Maurice Malone and Detroit poet Jessica Care Moore at the Detroit Diaspora Awards on May 28, 2023, where the native Detroit designer was honored. Fashion designer Maurice Malone and Jessica Care Moore at the Detroit Diaspora Awards, where the hometown Detroit designer was honored.


Honoring the Diaspora: The Diaspora Award that evening served as a gleaming symbol, recognizing and celebrating individuals who had charted significant paths in their respective fields, embodying the spirit of the African diaspora. This award was not just a nod to raw talent and creativity; it also appreciated the inspirational aura that the recipients brought to their communities. Detroit shone a little brighter that night as filmmakers Kristian Hill and Jennifer Washington, artist Shirley Woodson Reid, Dell Pryor’s gallerist, and the indomitable entrepreneur and DJ Bruce Bailey were all recognized alongside Malone.

Maurice Malone: A Trailblazer in Fashion: To say Maurice Malone is a trailblazer in the fashion industry might just be an understatement. From setting his roots in Detroit to planting his name globally with his eponymous label, Malone’s style and designs resonate uniquely. He’s acclaimed for his edgy denim creations and has an innate knack for challenging and reshaping traditional fashion norms with his audacious flair.

Breaking Barriers and Inspiring Change: Beyond the sketches and fabric, Maurice Malone is a flagbearer for diversity and inclusion in the fashion corridors. He’s carved out spaces for underrepresented communities, tearing down barriers and sculpting paths for aspiring designers from varied backgrounds. His deep-seated commitment to inclusivity and his representation of the African diaspora make him more than just a designer; he’s an emblem of change and inspiration.

The Journey to The Diaspora Award: Looking back, the journey that culminated in Maurice Malone receiving the Diaspora Award is painted with dedication, artistic splendor, and a perseverance that’s almost palpable. With designs that didn’t just appeal but captivate, Malone’s influence breached the confines of fashion and was etched into popular culture. Melding artistry with storytelling, his narrative finds resonance across the globe, solidifying his mantle as a designer with vision.

A Time to Celebrate and Reflect: That evening, as Maurice Malone stood poised, accepting the Diaspora Award, it wasn’t just a personal triumph but a win for the entire fashion fraternity. That moment crystallized the potency of creativity, passion, and the gravity of cultural representation. It underscored the essence of acknowledging those who amplify their platforms to inspire.

Revisiting Maurice Malone’s accolade in Detroit on May 28, 2023, isn’t just about a trophy. It’s a narrative of his monumental contributions to Detroit fashion and his staunch advocacy for diverse voices. As we reminisce about that night, it’s impossible to overlook the myriad doors Malone continues to open for designers of the future. His legacy? It promises to inspire, shatter conventions, and curate the fashion narrative for generations ahead.