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Funding Fashion: Making Your Business Work for You

YouTube image for Funding Fashion

MakingABrand™ founder, Marc Esannason, has made it his mission to educate the next generation of creative entrepreneurs. One of the most important lessons that he wants to convey is the necessity for capital and the means to raise funds for one’s business. 

In order to really explain the importance of financing your ideas, Esannason interviewed the founder and designer of Clubhouse Archives– James Costa. Clubhouse Archives is a luxury apparel brand born of the blockchain for the Web Three community. In order to create his unique business, Costa has utilized his twenty-three years of design and development experience within the apparel industry and has combined it with his experience with the virtual world of Web Three. 

Clubhouse Archives differentiates itself from other appeal lines by allowing you to purchase physical clothing items which are coupled with digital assets. These assets can include exclusive access to drops, NFT’s, and even membership passes to the business itself. By buying the apparel, you put yourself in a position to not only receive great quality products, but also receive digital assets that can possibly make you money. 

Most importantly, Costa’s business model allows him as well as his consumers to generate capital through the sale of these digital assets. The digital assets that grant membership passes into the brand grant consumers the ability to become partners with the brand itself. This status permits consumers to develop a collection of their own within the brand. 

For example, Costa states how if an individual creates a collection, the pieces of that collection will have digital assets attached to them. Once those digital assets are sold, the sale is used for the development of the physical clothing items from that collection. This allows consumers to take part in a personalized self-funding collection.  

Clubhouse Archives showcases the new market that is currently developing. Web Three is not only a source of great opportunity for innovators like Costa, but it is also a new space full of opportunity for the next generation of creative entrepreneurs. Costa’s business gives insight into not only the possibilities of Web Three and how it can impact your brand, but it also showcases how you can use modern technology to fund your creative ideas.

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