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God Said Give Em’ Drum Machines Premieres In The Tribeca Film Festival.

Digital Storytelling And Marketing Films

The official Tribeca Festival selection God Said Give Em Drum Machines has allowed our team to offer Detroit Techno 101 a unique FREE learning opportunity to our students. This course offers students cutting-edge 21st-century skills like smartphone filmmaking to create promo videos or PSAs that demonstrate how brands and organizations can use storytelling, and video creation in their marketing. This project also offers a unique perspective on the importance of teaching young people to document unique cultural achievements in their communities and why cultural institutions that nurture the arts are important to urban communities. It also encourages students to create PSAs for local organizations to help their communities better understand and respond to issues that are affecting them.

Recently techno has been limited to the idea that it only represents European EDM and electronic music artists. In order to broaden this perspective, this project aims to teach young people about the history of techno which was created by teens in Detroit in the 80s to support the message of the film God Said Give Em Drum Machines. In addition, this project features our Digital Storytelling, the course is a component of the film project that helps young people develop STEM skills like smartphone filmmaking and encourages them to create films documenting unique artistic movements that are emerging every day in urban communities. We have partnered with the God Said Give Em Drum Machines team in order to share their unique program that helps students learn via project-based activities within the fields of science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) through the lens of one of the most popular modern musical artforms, Techno.

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