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The Marketplace

The Williamsburg Garment Company

WGC is building a new legacy with jeans made in the USA that appeal to everyone – from skate kids to financiers on Wall Street. Williamsburg Garment Company specializes in raw denim, offering a wide range of sizes including Big and Tall jeans. Men’s waist sizes range from 28 to 50, while women’s sizes range from 24 to 32. Men’s Tall jeans are sold in 38-inch or 40-inch. Williamsburg jeans are constructed using the highest-grade sewing techniques: Lap-seams at the seat and inseams, with chain-stitching throughout. Most, primarily made with high-quality U.S.A. made denim from Cone Mills, America’s oldest and most recognized producer of denim before its closing at the end of 2017. Newer styles are produced in Japanese denim and other American textile producers. Learn more about our instructor and mentor and support his bespoke denim brand.

The Hip-Hop Shop

This is the home of the original world famous Detroit Hip Hop Shop open from 1993 to 1997 by fashion designer Maurice Malone. Don’t be fooled by imitators, The Hip Hop Shop does not currently have a brick & mortar shop, we are Online Only!

Once located on the Westside of Detroit, Michigan’s 7-Mile Road, The Hip Hop Shop was a boutique and worldwide Mecca for Hip Hop Culture opened by Maurice Malone in 1993.  It was famous for its Rap Battles which took place every Saturday afternoon from 5pm to 7pm.  The battles often included in their youth, Eminem, members of D-12, Slum Village, producer J Dilla and other Detroit Hip Hop Legends.  The battles that took place also help to inspire the movie “8-Mile” starring Eminem. Learn more and support our instructor and mentor’s historic brand.

The Music Origins Project

This project founded by David Grandison Jr. one of the creators of Making A Brand has been delivering on its mission to geolocate the history and future of music for almost 10 years…  Map markers identify cultural regions, historic locations and venues where musical art forms originated and were incubated. This map is a multimedia lens for the exploration of each art form. You can view each location on your PC, mobile device or even in VR!

The team who creates the content is made up of expert volunteers and students who are passionate about music. and the arts. The team takes time out to speak in schools and offers free virtual field trips for students as well.

Music Origins Project aims to remove the chronological and geographic barriers faced by music aficionados, students and travelers seeking to learn about the origins of musical genres in compelling and sometimes forgotten locations around the world. Learn more about the past present and future of music history and support this educational project by shopping in the branded store.