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A financial coach like Afiya Ricks brings invaluable expertise to businesses, offering a comprehensive range of services to ensure financial success. With over two decades of experience and a track record of managing significant assets, Afiya goes beyond traditional advice.

Afiya collaborates with businesses to develop strategic financial plans tailored to their unique needs. This involves assessing current financial health, identifying goals, and creating a roadmap for future success.

For businesses looking to start or expand, Afiya offers expertise in determining the financial viability of entrepreneurial ventures. This involves careful analysis of budgets and financial goals to support informed decision-making.

Afiya extends her services to creative entrepreneurs, offering specialized consulting to turn creative ideas into profitable ventures. This includes financial strategies tailored to the unique challenges and opportunities in the creative industry.

This dynamic Black woman serves as a holistic financial partner for businesses, providing strategic planning, budgeting, investment guidance, debt management, compliance support, and specialized advice for creative entrepreneurs. Her goal is to empower businesses to navigate financial complexities, make informed decisions, and build a resilient and prosperous financial future.